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Why Us

At CUE we create amazing Videos, Ads, and creative content which brands will be proud to own. As we are a young agency we pour in our energy to break the clutter and have a hunger for the best solutions. You share your thoughts with us and we make it happen.

Partnering with us your imagination will come to life, your perspective will be executed to perfection and all this will happen within your budget. We relentlessly strive to create your brand personality in the most holistic sense. Based out of Kolkata, global and Indian projects.


When you partner with us you get ZERO

  • Bureaucracy
  • Conflict of interest
  • Unnecessary headaches.
  • & a budget that gives you a heart attack / Budget with less zeros

We only focus on

  • What is best for your company.
  • Brainstorming more ideas and prototypes.
  • More hands on work.
  • Return on investment.

We have the opportunity to work with people who share our passion for work and dream big to build our brand invincible. They are specialists in their fields. While we work with B2B clients we take the advice of the technical expert to understand you to the core.


As team members we are more than just colleagues. Our long brainstorming sessions over a coffee & etc make sure that our ideas are young and fresh. At the same time, we bring together our industry experience to ensure the most professional appeal.Creative challenges, the excitement of delivering within timelines bring out the best in us. And yes, that fact that we have been friends for a long time is an added advantage for the team.



Call: (+91) 98319 43460
Email: cueconnect@gmail.com

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